Inspiring Tutor’s Mission

our-mission-textInspiring Tutors was founded to provide parents with the best possible educational assistance for their children. We are committed to each student’s success in the classroom.

Every day that a student experiences even the smallest triumph or achievement in the classroom is a day when:

  • that student’s reservoir of self-worth and self-esteem is fortified and amplified, and
  • another day when he or she faces less of an educational battle and more of an exhilarating adventure.

We truly believe that every student has the ability to achieve academic success. If a student is having difficulty, it is most often because he or she has a unique learning style that the student’s school does not have the capacity or resources to handle. That is where the one-on-one tutoring that Inspiring Tutors offers becomes the lifeline the student needs.

It is our raison-d’être.