Stanley Greenspan’s The Learning Tree

The Learning Tree: Overcoming Learning Disabilities from the Ground Up by Stanley I. Greenspan, MD and Nancy Thorndike Greenspan When my daughter was in 3rd grade she was unhappy because she was having trouble with math. Looking at what she was studying I was not... read more

Learning Difficulties

(adapted from Different Learners by Jane Healy) “All brains – and all children – are unique, but some are just a little more unique than others. These are the youngsters who develop and learn on a nonstandard schedule or in nonstandard ways.” Organic learning... read more

Undissipated Energy

Adapted from Different Learners by Jane Healy Survival requires adapting quickly to change. When faced with a frightening situation, the body is kicked into high gear through the secretion of adrenaline. This allows us to more quickly fight or flee the danger. Some... read more