Tutoring Information For Parents

We tutor any school-age child or teen in York Region from JK to Grade 12 in all subjects of the Ontario Curriculum, including math and sciences, and English and French.

We have the best tutors!
Our tutors are experienced Ontario Certified Teachers:

  • They know the curriculum.
  • They know the system.
  • It’s almost like having your student’s teacher come to your home to give a private lesson.

We believe in flexibility and convenience! You choose:

  • When – we adjust to your schedule – no need to adjust to ours.
  • Where – most parents prefer the comfort and privacy of their homes, where there is no need to drive to a different location, find parking and wait.
  • Where your student feels most comfortable and at ease – at home.
  • Where you want – if you prefer, tutoring can be held at a public library.


Why one-on-one in-home tutoring?

It works. Research shows that one-on-one tutoring leads to:

  • better test scores,
  • improved study skills,
  • renewed interest in school, and
  • increased self-confidence and sense of worth.

One-on-one tutoring vs. learning centres:

We don’t require an evaluation test.

  • Learning centres often require an evaluation test – and there is often a charge for these tests.
  • These tests are used to group your student into a “learning group” with 2 or 3 other students.
  • Some of these learning groups are headed by a tutor who may not be well-compensated and/or well-qualified.

We don’t assign extra homework.

  • We don’t want to add to your student’s burdens and stress.
  • Instead, your student’s school homework is the focal point of the curriculum.
  • Supplemental aids are only used if your student is substantially behind in a particular area.

As Ontario Certified Teachers, our tutors are advised to consult with your student’s teacher.

  • Working closely with your student’s teacher allows for the creation of a study plan that more precisely addresses your student’s specific needs.
  • And what could be better than two teachers working in concert and in the best interests of your student?

How to get started?

  • It’s as simple as you contacting Inspiring Tutors by telephone (888.819.4550) or emailing us at info@InspiringTutors.ca.
  • If we don’t speak immediately, we will contact you in less than 24 hours to discuss your needs.
  • We will schedule a visit to your home for a free consultation to meet with you and your student.
  • This helps us to determine the best plan and the best tutor for your student.
  • Our sessions usually run one to two hours per week which is more than adequate to meet every student’s needs in a particular subject.
  • You do not have to sign a contract or pay a registration fee.
  • The tutoring can usually start within a week.