Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to sign a contract?

Inspiring Tutors has no contract or hidden fees. Tutoring may be cancelled at any time without penalty provided that at least one week prior written notice is given. You will only need to sign that you have read, understood and will abide by Inspiring Tutor’s Operating Policies and Procedures. These mostly concern rescheduling, cancellations and cancellation penalties.

Are there fees?

There are no fees other than the cost per hour of tutoring.

How do you select and screen your tutors?

Inspiring Tutors starts by only accepting applications from Ontario certified teachers. We then double check their teaching history and references.

If they are currently working for a school district they already have on file with the school district a Vulnerable Sector Screening (“VSS”). A VSS is a special police check of individuals who intend on working or volunteering with those who are dependent on others because of their age, disability, or other circumstances, and are therefore at a greater risk of being harmed by a person in a position or authority or trust.

If the tutor is not currently working for a school district, we require and keep on file a recent VSS.

Every one of our tutors has been personally interviewed by Inspiring Tutors’ Director to determine their teaching and communication styles.

How do I know that your tutors really are Ontario certified teachers?

Inspiring Tutors does extensive screening of its tutors. All our tutors must be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers (“OCT”), the organization mandated by the Ontario government in 1997 to license, govern and regulate the practice of teaching. But you do not have to take our word for it; you can independently verify that our tutors are indeed certified by checking the OCT website.

What happens after the initial free consultation?

What happens after the initial free consultation? The purpose of the initial free consultation is to assess the preferences, expectations, reservations and interests of the parents and the student. If a deposit has been paid, Inspiring Tutors will use this information to match the student with the best tutor.

We do our very best to accommodate your schedule. But sometimes it may be necessary to find an alternate time in order to adjust to the availability of the tutor that we believe is best for your student. The tutoring will start as soon as a schedule has been agreed. All the information garnered by Inspiring Tutors during the initial consultation is shared with the tutor before the first tutoring session.

Do you start with a placement test or skills assessment?

Inspiring Tutors believes that starting tutoring with a test may hinder or even prevent the trust building between tutor and student that is essential to successful learning. Besides, your student and his or her teacher already know how well he or she is doing. And our tutors will quickly discover your student’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition, teachers are encouraged by union policy to contact the teacher of any student they tutor. Both your student’s teacher and tutor can work together to help your student achieve the success he or she desires.

How do I pay for the tutoring sessions?

Currently, Inspiring Tutors only accepts payments through PayPal or Interac e-Transfer.

Are there discounts available?

Inspiring Tutors has discounts for families needing three or more hours per week of tutoring. We also offer discounts for the advance purchase of three months of tutoring sessions, but please note that there is a cancellation penalty attached to advance purchases.

At the start of tutoring, however, we do not encourage advance purchases. Not because we do not want to give discounts, but because the student may not need that many sessions. The tutor is the best person to determine after the first few sessions just how many additional sessions may be needed. It boils down to what is best for the student. If tutoring continues past what is necessary it may reverse the positive effect that the tutoring has had on the student’s experience of the learning process.

How long are tutoring sessions?

Our sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes. Many students have difficulty concentrating for 90 minutes, so we do not encourage 90 minute sessions. For positive learning to take place, we believe that it is important to keep the student’s interest active. If the student’s interest wanes, it will certainly not help the learning process and may lead to an enduring negativity towards the subject and the tutoring/learning process.

The desire of parents and/or tutors for a longer session is often motivated by monetary considerations. The parent may believe their child needs more than an hour a week but doesn’t want to pay for two. They may believe that one 90-minute session would be a good compromise to get more tutoring at less cost. And the tutor may want to earn more for the time invested in driving back and forth for the tutoring session.

We at Inspiring Tutors believe that it is the student’s learning experience that should dictate how much time is spent tutoring. If the student’s interest and concentration is still keen after 60 minutes, then a 90 minute session is perfectly acceptable. The tutor is the best person to gauge this.

What materials will my student need for the tutoring?

Most often all you will need is pencils or pens, paper, and calculator (if applicable), as well as your student’s textbook and course notes.

Inspiring Tutors provides the tutor with a checklist of the Ontario curriculum expectations for the course the student is taking. The tutor will use this to continually assess and mark the student’s progress.

Because our tutors adapt to the particular needs of each student, there may be the odd occasion where the tutor determines that your student’s course materials are not enough. It is then the tutor’s responsibility to communicate what is needed to the parent. It is the responsibility of the parent to procure the materials needed. The tutor is not allowed to require materials from which the tutor will personally profit, or to purchase materials for the parent and charge the parent an additional fee for having done so.

How can you help with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, or difficulties resulting from ADD/ADHD, etc.?

Many of our tutors have the additional qualifications and experience necessary to tutor children with learning challenges such as these and more. Tutoring can be a valuable adjunct to the treatment your student may already be receiving elsewhere or at school through his or her Individual Education Plan (“IEP”).

What about home-schooling?

Governments and universities recognize that the one-on-one teaching a parent can provide a child at home can be as good as or even superior to public or private schooling. But as a student ages, communication may become more difficult, or the parent may not have the necessary expertise in subjects such as the sciences and higher mathematics.

That is where Inspiring Tutors can be an important addition to a home-schooling plan. And it is why we provide substantial discounts for multiple hours of tutoring per week. As well, our Ontario certified teacher/tutors are experienced in curriculum development and may assist the home-schooling parent in devising an individualized curriculum for the student.

What if my student and the tutor don’t seem to be getting along well?

Inspiring Tutors prides itself in supplying just the right tutor for each student. Although it has never happened, we understand that there might be a time where personalities and/or communication styles clash. We of course would want to know as soon as this becomes apparent so that we may assign a different tutor.

What if the tutoring is not meeting our expectations?

In our first meeting with you and your student, we make every attempt to determine what you and your student hopes to achieve from the tutoring, and it is our goal to meet those expectations. We notify the tutor of those expectations and normally the tutor can determine after the first few sessions whether the goals are realistic. If not, the tutor will contact the Director and they will decide together on a course of action. We will then speak with you to obtain your approval.

We must emphasize that tutoring is a two-way street and for that reason we cannot make any guarantees. Although our tutors make every effort to inspire their students, your student must possess enough desire to want to put in the necessary effort to succeed. Otherwise it can be a waste of time and your money.

If the tutoring is not meeting your expectations, we would like to know as soon as possible in order to remedy the situation. Please also note that you may at any time request a different tutor or cancel with no cost to you if you provide a minimum of one week’s advance notice.

What are Inspiring Tutors' hourly rates?

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What discount do you offer if I pay in advance for three months?

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What discount do you offer if I need three or more hours of tutoring per week?

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