Markham Math and Science, English and French Tutors

From Markham Math tutoring, to Science, Biology, Chemistry and many other subjects, Inspiring Tutors can guide your Markham student to success.

What is a fact everywhere including Markham is that each child is different and may often learn each subject at a unique pace. Sometimes, children need or want extra help to keep up with their classmates. Sometimes, they just need enrichment in some areas. Though each child is an individual, here are a few scenarios we encounter:


Smart students who enjoy Math are often disappointed with their marks. The way Math is evaluated is different from the way their parents were evaluated. More emphasis is put on communication and the understanding of word problems. All students need to be guided on how to obtain their best marks. Sometimes, paying attention to simple detail can go a long way in reflecting their true ability on a test. This is where only an Ontario Certified Teacher can be of assistance.

Once a student has done poorly on a few Math tests, their confidence level can drop. They may feel inadequate and therefore are not open to learn new concepts.

Grade 11 Functions, often comes as a big surprise to even strong Math students. It is totally different from anything they have ever studied. A bit of guidance can go a long way to help them comprehend.

English and French Language Arts

In the early grades, smart children will often imitate others and memorize the text while reading. Both teachers and parents are fooled by such behavior. Usually by grade 3, it is apparent to all, that these children are in fact, non-readers. The faster remedial work can begin, the quicker the gap between this child and his/her classmates’ reading level can be closed up. This is truly an emergency as reading is instrumental to learning all subjects.

Writing is another area of concern as students are marked on their communication skills in all courses.  Many students need to review the writing process as they enter High School. They need to know how to properly write an essay, a science report, a research project.

These scenarios are probably not your story, please contact us as we would like to hear about the challenges your child is facing. Each story is so different; this is why we believe in individual tutoring in the privacy of your home, where the student feels most comfortable. Having an Ontario certified Teacher tutor your child will take away a lot of stress for both parent and child.

The Town of Markham

The Town of Markham is located just north of Toronto and is part of the Greater Toronto Area. One of the municipalities that make up York Region, the town is comprised of a network of smaller communities, such as Unionville and Thornhill. Markham’s growing population was over 270,000 in 2006, according to the Town’s website.

Markham’s municipal government is represented by the mayor and twelve councillors, including three regional councillors who sit on theYork Region Council.

A thriving and diverse community, Markham’s proximity to Toronto, safety and convenience make it an excellent area for raising a family or running a business. In fact, Markham is known as Canada’s High Tech Capital. According to the Town’s Economic Development website, more than 800 technology and life science companies are located in Markham, including IBM, HP and Johnson & Johnson.

Markham also offers a multitude of parks (more than 200 are maintained by the Town of Markham) and recreation areas, such as Millennium Square in Unionville and Pomona Mills in Thornhill.

Markham provides a rich cultural offering to residents and visitors alike. The Markham Theatre for Performing Arts features a dynamic schedule of musical, dance and comedy performances, while the Varley Art Gallery and Markham Museum showcase both artistic and cultural exhibits.

There are six public libraries in Markham, including two located in Thornhill and one located in Unionville.

The York Region District School Board operates the English public schools in Markham, while the York Catholic District School Board operates the English Catholic schools.

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