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From Newmarket Math tutoring, to Science, Biology, Chemistry and many other subjects, Inspiring Tutors can guide your Newmarket student to success.

What is valid everywhere including Newmarket is that children are diverse when it comes to learning, and they often learn each subject at a different pace. Most children just really want to keep up with their classmates and could use some extra help from time to time. Sometimes, all they need is some enrichment. Nonetheless each child is an individual, here are some different scenarios we often come across:


Math is taught in a spiral fashion. A bit of every unit is covered every year. If a student did poorly in say, fractions last year, a thorough review is needed before new material in that unit can be learned. An Ontario Certified Teacher will know how to do this as they know where the curriculum starts and ends at each grade level.

There are units of study that have been added at an earlier age (e.g. data management and algebra). Many caring parents do not know how to help their children in these areas.
With so many units of study, the student often feels rushed. Many students need more time to practice and learn each concept. On the other hand, some students need enrichment or real life activities to keep them interested.

In High School, the semester system is too intense for many students. They find that the concepts are taught too quickly. Again, more practice and/or more enrichment would be beneficial. If they must miss school, it is easy to get behind and then overwhelmed.

English and French Language Arts

At the elementary level, many students spend so much effort decoding the words they are reading, they cannot understand what they have just read. Some students have trouble reading either fictional or non-fictional books. These students can be gently guided to become better readers by using the known strategies of good readers. By concentrating on each strategy until each becomes natural, the student will improve his/her reading comprehension. An Ontario Certified teacher working one on one with a student like this would be beneficial as the student’s reading pace would be closely observed.

The writing process is very important. Students often need help applying it when working on their own. They sometimes skip important steps (e. g. editing). Sometimes, they rely too heavily on the available technology.

These scenarios are probably not your story, please contact us as we would like to hear about the challenges your child is facing. Each story is so different; this is why we believe in individual tutoring in the privacy of your home, where the student feels most comfortable. Having an Ontario certified Teacher tutor your child will take away a lot of stress for both parent and child.

The Town of Newmarket

The Town of Newmarket is a diverse community located north of Toronto, within York Region. It has a growing population of approximately 84,000 residents.

Newmarket’s municipal government consists of nine councillors, including the mayor and one regional councillor. Newmarket is also home to York Region’s Head Office.

Newmarket combines the atmosphere of a small town with the convenience of a big city. Residents and visitors can enjoy the outdoors by taking advantage of Newmarket’s 70+ parks and trails, strolling along the revitalized Main Street, or visiting the Farmer’s Market. Shoppers can explore the thriving Yonge Street corridor, which includes many retail locations as well as Upper Canada Mall, Newmarket’s shopping centre.

Newmarket also offers numerous opportunities for fitness and recreation. Residents can participate in swimming, skating, gymnastics and other activities at the Ray Twinney Recreation Complex and the state-of-the-art Magna Centre, which opened its doors in 2007.

In 2006, Newmarket established its Economic Development Office. The Office works to support Newmarket’s established business community, as well as attract new businesses to the area.

Businesses in the Newmarket area can also be a part of Newmarket’s Chamber of Commerce, which aims to connect Newmarket’s businesses with one another to give them a strong voice in the community.

Newmarket is also home to the Southlake Regional Health Centre, which features the new Stronach Regional Cancer Centre, the only location in York Region where radiation treatment is available to patients.

Newmarket has a public library located in the historic downtown area.

Schools in the Newmarket area are operated by the York Region District School Board and the York Catholic District School Board.

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