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From Thornhill Math tutoring, to Science, Biology, Chemistry and many other subjects, Inspiring Tutors can guide your Thornhill student to success.

What is true everywhere including Thornhill is that every child is different and often learns each subject at a different pace. Sometimes, children require extra help to keep up with their friends in school. Sometimes, they just need enrichment in certain areas. Nevertheless each child is an individual, here are different scenarios we encounter:


Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. Students can feel this in our school system. They may not get enough individual attention in the classroom because of class size, group dynamics or split grades. Sometimes, a student must be absent, sometimes, it is the teacher. An Ontario Certified Teacher knows the typical traps that students can fall in. They can help them avoid future problems.

When parents try to compensate by helping at home, emotions often erupt at the homework table. Parents often complain that they just want to be parents.

In High School, a weak student will get frustrated and confused when a caring parent suggests a different approach to solving the problem.  A strong Math student is sometimes misguided, even with the best intentions.

English and French Language Arts

At the elementary level, students are required to do novel studies at an earlier age than before. Through Literary Circles, they must study different elements of the given chapter and discuss them with classmates. This can be a challenge for a reader with confidence issues. An Ontario Certified Teacher can guide students in finding quotes, making inferences and organizing study notes.

Writing is very important for students of all grades. Proper note taking is instrumental in studying for tests. Many students require guidance in this area. Proper organization of notes is also an important life skill.

These scenarios are probably not your story, please contact us as we would like to hear about the challenges your child is facing. Each story is so different; this is why we believe in individual tutoring in the privacy of your home, where the student feels most comfortable. Having an Ontario certified Teacher tutor your child will take away a lot of stress for both parent and child.


The community of Thornhill is located on the northern border of Toronto and south of Richmond Hill. Although Thornhill was once its own municipality, it is now split into two municipalities – the section west of Yonge Street is part of the City of Vaughan, while the section east of Yonge Street is part of the Town of Markham. Despite this, Thornhill continues to retain its strong community feel.

Thornhill is known as a safe, diverse and convenient location to live, work and raise a family. Its proximity to Toronto, including the TTC system, makes it an ideal location for commuters.

Thornhill boasts over 900 businesses which create employment for approximately 10,000 people, according to the City of Vaughan’swebsite. Most of these jobs are found in the retail and service sectors. The Promenade Mall provides the majority of the jobs available in Thornhill.

Thornhill offers many cultural and community events. The City Playhouse Theatre showcases local talents as well as famous performers. The Thornhill Village Festival is an annual event run by the Thornhill Historical Society. It takes place in the fall and includes craft booths, arts and entertainment, refreshments, and a parade.

Thornhill is home to two public libraries. The Thornhill Community Centre Library is located at Bayview Avenue and John Street, while the Thornhill Village Library is located at Yonge Street and Colborne Street.

Thornhill has many excellent elementary and secondary schools operated by the York Region District School Board and the York Catholic District School Board.

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