Biology Tutoring

Science is becoming more and more integrated into every aspect of modern life. The Ontario Curriculum for Science at both the elementary and secondary school levels recognizes that it is essential for students to develop scientific literacy skills as part of their education.

Secondary school students have the option to focus on more specialized areas of science, such as biology, which is defined as “a branch of knowledge that deals with living organisms and vital processes”.

The science curriculum focuses on “big ideas”: those scientific concepts and theories which have proven fundamental and stable over time. In biology, the big ideas are:

  • Biological Diversity of Living Things
  • Evolution
  • Genetic Processes
  • Biological Structure and Function of Animals
  • Biological Anatomy, Growth, and Function of Plants

Biology courses focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects of biology. Students have the option to take biology courses at the university preparation level, which focus on the theoretical aspects of biology such as evolution, genetic processes and biodiversity, if they plan to pursue the study of biology in their post-secondary education.

All courses in biology will help students improve and refine their scientific investigation and analysis skills.

The study of biology can lead to careers in biotechnology, pharmacology, health, education and many others. All students can benefit from the study of biology as it gives them a fundamental understanding of life on Earth, as well as more in-depth experience with the scientific process and methods.

An experienced tutor can help students with their study of Biology. To arrange a free, in-home consultation to determine the best plan for your Biology student, click here.