English Tutoring

English (or Language as it is referred to in the elementary school years) is foundational to every student’s education, as strong English literacy skills are critical to success in any subject area.

The Ontario Curriculum for both elementary and secondary level English emphasizes core English literacy principles, including the central importance of English language skills in successful communication, critical thinking, and responsible citizenship.

At each level, the English curriculum focuses on developing English literacy skills in four key areas:

  • English Oral Communication
  • English Reading
  • English Writing
  • English Media Literacy

At the elementary level, English teachers focus on the core English literacy skills of reading English , writing English , listening to English, speaking English, viewing English, and representing English, both within the English Language program itself and across all subjects in the curriculum.

At the secondary level, students in Grades 9 through 12 take compulsory English courses which build on their core English literacy skills. Additionally, optional courses are available for students needing to improve their English literacy skills or for students who wish to explore aspects of English in more depth. These courses can be taken at the university-preparation, college-preparation, or workplace-preparation levels, depending on the student’s interests and requirements.

Strong English skills are essential for success in all aspects of life. They support the critical thinking and analytical skills that enable students to:
• communicate effectively,
• achieve academic and workplace success, and
• become productive and responsible citizens.

An experienced tutor can help students improve their English skills. To arrange a free, in-home consultation to determine the best plan for your English student, click here.