Functions Tutoring

The study of mathematics at the secondary school level endeavors to prepare students for success in the modern workplace, where mathematics is increasingly a necessary skill. Students who pursue the advanced study of mathematics, such as Functions, will find many career paths and opportunities available to them that might be closed to others.

The Ontario Curriculum of Mathematics at the secondary level offers three Functions courses, which build on the mathematical principals studied in Grade 9 and 10.

Grade 11

In Grade 11, Functions students will build on the mathematics skills they have developed in prior years by looking at linear and quadratic equations. There are two courses available in Grade 11: Functions (university-preparation level) and Functions and Applications (university/college-preparation level).

The Functions course looks at both linear and quadratic equations, and includes a section dealing with discrete functions. The Functions and Applications course focuses primarily on quadratic equations. Both courses include sections on exponential functions and trigonometric functions.

Grade 12

In Grade 12, the Advanced Functions course enables students to refine their use of mathematical processes when looking at the following areas:

• polynomial and rational functions
• exponential and logarithmic functions
• trigonometric functions
• characteristics of functions

Students will also have the opportunity to develop their skills in combining functions.

A strong background in mathematics helps to prepare students for a broad range of careers in the fields of business, science, technology, engineering, and more. Additionally, mathematics skills are beneficial in all career paths and in daily life. The study of Functions in Grade 11 and 12 will help students to build their mathematical, analytical, and problem solving skills.

An experienced tutor can help students improve their Functions skills. To arrange a free, in-home consultation to determine the best plan for your Functions student, click here.