Physics Tutoring

Sciences, such as physics, shape the world around us at an increasing rate. Studying physics gives secondary school students an opportunity to refine their scientific literacy skills and prepare them to successfully navigate a science-driven world.

Physics is defined as the study of matter and energy. The Ontario Curriculum of Science at the secondary level focuses on what it calls the “big ideas” (those concepts that are considered both foundational and stable within the field of science). The five big ideas of physics are:

  • Kinematics
  • Forces
  • Energy and Society
  • Waves and Sound
  • Electricity and Magnetism

Students have an opportunity to study physics as a focused course starting in Grade 11. At this level, students develop an understanding of the core concepts of physics by looking at the big ideas. They also begin to consider the practical and technological applications of physics to everyday life.

In Grade 12, students continue to deepen their comprehension of the concepts of physics, while further refining their broader scientific skills such as scientific investigation and analysis, preparing them for the continued study of physics at the post-secondary level.

Scientific investigation skills are developed in four key areas:

  • initiating and planning the investigation
  • performing and recording
  • analyzing and interpreting
  • communicating

The study of physics at the secondary school level can begin to prepare students for careers in fields such as astronomy, meteorology, engineering, and computer science. For all students, knowledge of physics enables a deeper scientific appreciation of the world we live in.

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