Science Tutoring

Science is an important part of everyday life at an ever-increasing rate. The Ontario Curriculum for Science at both the elementary and secondary school levels recognizes that it is essential for students to develop scientific literacy skills as part of their education.

The science curriculum focuses on enabling students to:

  • relate science and technology in a practical way to the world at large;
  • develop the skills required for scientific inquiry and technological problem solving; and
  • understand the basic concepts of science and technology.

Throughout the elementary and secondary school levels, the science program addresses the following six key concepts:

  • Matter
  • Energy
  • Systems and Interactions
  • Structure and Function
  • Sustainability and Stewardship
  • Change and Continuity

As students progress through their science education at the secondary level, they have the option to focus on more specialized areas of science, such as biology, chemistry and physics, or continue with more generalized science courses geared toward students who will not pursue science at the post-secondary level but who wish to build a solid understand of science as it applies to the world around them.

A solid foundation in science prepares students for their future. There are an ever-growing number of jobs in the science and technology field, including those in astronomy, marine biology, medicine, and many more. Even those students who pursue a non-science career will benefit from having an understanding of the role and impact science has on the world around them.

An experienced tutor can help students with their study of Science. To arrange a free, in-home consultation to determine the best plan for your Science student, click here.