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From Vaughan Math tutoring, to Science, Biology, Chemistry and many other subjects, Inspiring Tutors can guide your Vaughan student to success.

What is valid everywhere including Vaughan is that all children are different and they often learn each subject at a different pace. Sometimes, children need extra help to keep up with their classmates. Sometimes, they just need enrichment in some areas. Here are some different scenarios we encounter:


Often, students subconsciously depend on technology. They cannot appreciate the importance of memorizing the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). This lack of a strong number sense leads to problems later. An Ontario Certified Teacher will know how to teach strategies that will help these students with their memory work.

Some students do not have a very good memory and without constant practice, they forget what they have learned in the past. In all areas of Math, some students need more drill or practice before they understand the methods of finding the answer. Tutoring during the summer months could be a way of ensuring the student does not forget too much.

In High School, students taking college level courses generally do not get a lot of homework. Some students however need more practice and/or catching up than is provided in class. Sometimes these students need very high marks to transfer to the academic Math or get accepted in their college of choice.

English and French Language Arts

Even at the elementary level reading becomes important in doing research projects and studying for tests in other subjects. If a child is not a strong reader, he/she often struggles in other areas as well. An Ontario Certified Teacher will know how to motivate a poor reader to improve his/her skills. Sometimes, a different strategy than the one used by the classroom teacher is very helpful. Each student learns differently.

When writing, many students depend on modern technology to edit their text. They need to know proper grammar in order to be able to discern what is right. This will generally improve all of their marks as written communication is evaluated in all subjects.

These scenarios are probably not your story, please contact us as we would like to hear about the challenges your child is facing. Each story is so different; this is why we believe in individual tutoring in the privacy of your home, where the student feels most comfortable. Having an Ontario certified Teacher tutor your child will take away a lot of stress for both parent and child.

THe City of Vaughan

The City of Vaughan is located in the Greater Toronto Area and is one of the municipalities of York Region ( With a population nearing 300,000, Vaughan is made up of several smaller communities: Concord, Kleinburg, Maple, Thornhill andWoodbridge. Vaughan is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities and has a diverse, multi-cultural population.

Vaughan’s municipal government is represented by the mayor, three regional councillors, and five local councillors.

Vaughan offers a tremendous diversity of cultural and recreational options for residents and visitors alike. Those interested in the arts can visit the McMichael Canadian Art Collection or enjoy performances at the City Playhouse Theatre. Those preferring outdoor activities can take advantage of the area’s many conservation areas, including the Kortright Centre for Conservation.

In 2009, Vaughan hosted its first-ever Vaughan Multi-cultural Festival, The festival celebrates the over 70 ethnic groups that make up the Vaughan community.

Vaughan is home to a thriving business community, with over 9,000 businesses located in the area, employing 160,000 people, according to its Economic Development website. Growing industries in Vaughan include manufacturing, construction, wholesale, and a variety of small businesses. The Vaughan Mills Mall, comprised of 1.2 million square feet of shopping and 200 stores, attracts shoppers from around the GTA.

The city of Vaughan has seven libraries, located throughout the community. Vaughan’s libraries have a collection of over 500,000 materials available to their more than 1.5 million annual visitors.

It is home to many elementary and secondary schools operated by the York Region District School Board and the York Catholic District School Board.

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