York Region Math and Science, English and French Tutors

From York Region Math tutoring, to Science, Biology, Chemistry and many other subjects, Inspiring Tutors can guide your York Region student to success.

What is a fact everywhere including York Region is that every child is different and often learns each subject at a different pace. Sometimes, children need extra help to keep up with their classmates. Sometimes, they just need enrichment in some areas. Though each child is an individual, here are a few different scenarios we encounter:


In some schools, Math homework is sent home electronically. The student is generally capable of completing his/her homework. At the end of the unit of study, preparing for the test is difficult because it is often impossible to retrieve the needed explanations and/or formulas. An Ontario Certified Teacher has a strong sense of the curriculum and will know what needs to be studied at each grade level.

Most students need help with study habits. A good tutor will ensure comprehension through out the unit and will provide enrichment activities. After a good tutorial, a student should be able to participate in class and get the most out of class instruction.

High School students, who have been generally weak in Math, often have an opportunity to catch up with tutorials during the semester where no Math is taken.  This also prevents them from forgetting the concepts already learned and concentrate on the important detail that will help them maximize their marks. It is also allows them confidence when they start a course.

English and French Language Arts

To inspire a student to be a good reader is very important for their entire education. Some students begin by being good readers in the early grades and then need help to keep up later on. Little blockages happen sometimes. Classrooms are often busy places and teachers cannot give as much attention to each student as is required. Sometimes, students lack the confidence to ask for assistance. One on one tutoring in this case is invaluable.

It has become more and more important to communicate through the written word. Technology has brought great efficiency to our world.  Often our written word is the first impression when communicating with employers, clients, and family. Knowing how to communicate well using each step of the writing process is so very important.

These scenarios are probably not your story, please contact us as we would like to hear about the challenges your child is facing. Each story is so different; this is why we believe in individual tutoring in the privacy of your home, where the student feels most comfortable. Having an Ontario certified Teacher tutor your child will take away a lot of stress for both parent and child.

York Region

York Region is located north of Toronto, from Steeles Avenue to Lake Simcoe. It extends from Peel Region in the west to Durham region in the east. This geographically diverse area features cities, towns, farmlands, wetlands, lakes, and forests. The Oak Ridges Moraine is also found in York Region.

York Region is fast-growing, with a multi-cultural population of approximately one million people. It is estimated that, by the year 2031, the population will have grown to 1.5 million people.

York Region is made up of nine municipalities: Newmarket, Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, King, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Whitchurch-Stouffville.

York Region is represented politically by the York Regional Council, which has 21 members and is responsible for creating policies and budgets relating to York Region. York Region’s Administrative Offices are located at Yonge & Eagle Streets in Newmarket.

According to the York Region website, York Region’s thriving business community of approximately 28,000 businesses provides over 493,000 jobs, with some 15 – 20,000 new jobs being created every year. By the year 2031, York Region expects to increase the number of jobs to 800,000.

York Region’s transit needs are served by York Region Transit, which runs about 120 transit routes. Residents can also find convenient access to Toronto via GO Transit as well as Highways 404 and 400.

The Region’s English schools are operated by the York Region District School Board, which operates 167 elementary schools and 32 secondary schools, and the York Catholic District School Board, which operates 85 elementary schools and 15 secondary schools throughout the Region.

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